7 benefits of an offsite meeting or training day

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If you already have the space at the office, heading offsite for a work meeting or for a training day might seem counterproductive. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are many far-reaching benefits for your business and employees that you can reap simply by scheduling your training day or work meeting offsite. Here we look at 7 reasons why you should consider a change in scenery.

New scenery, fresh thinking

You might have already experienced it yourself day-to-day, but the physical act of changing your scenery can also change your thinking. By moving out of your regular four walls, you can free yourself, your employees and your colleagues from the same old way of getting things done. This will allow you space to discover different ways of looking at problems and more diversity in the delivery of solutions.

Break down the barriers of hierarchy

Our workplaces are set up, either consciously or sub-consciously, to support artificial barriers of hierarchy. These barriers include offices, desks, chairs and cubicles – even which floor employees are located on.

Away from these barriers and on an even footing, employees are given the chance to relax around each other. This provides the perfect opportunity to use to the full extent the human resources available. Employees are given the chance to open up to their bosses, management can be more open to new ideas and everyone can start to think outside the box.

Increase productivity

Any way that employees can break up their routine working week will be welcome. An offsite meeting or training day mid-week is likely to result in employees getting more and better work done on the days falling either side. The change in scenery is something to look forward to and to reflect upon afterwards, which will naturally increase the benefits arising from the meeting or training day.

Increase morale

Employees like to know that their boss cares for them with a catered day or afternoon away from the office and in comfortable surrounds. And when employees know that an extra cost is involved, they will repay their boss with a boost in morale – good for staff, good for their boss and good for business.

Amenities and service of event provider

Good event management teams run like well-oiled machines in the background, especially if this is something they do on a regular basis. Events run efficiently and effectively, from planning right up through delivery, allow you to focus simply on the presentation or delivery of training – and your staff on the content therein.

Build team and team culture

People who share a common experience tend to come away from it with increased lines of communication and better relationships. Not only are these better for team cohesion in the workplace, but these relationships mean that people discover the different human resources around them, which leads to increased productivity back in the workplace.

Boost team health

Looking after the ongoing health of employees in an office setting is too often shunned. While this may be due to the low risk of acute injuries, there is no difference between acute or chronic injuries when employees are taking sick days.

Having an offsite meeting or training day outdoors or away from the inner sanctum of an artificially-lit office will provide movement, fresh air and vitamin D to your team. These intangible benefits translate to boosted morale, increase productivity and fewer sick days, which is an all-round win for employees, bosses and the business.

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